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Creature Feature| Rita

Rita the boa constrictor
Rita the boa constrictor (Photo Courtesy of Be Wild NC)

Rita is a 15 year old female boa constrictor who was an owner surrender. She is about 6-7' and full grown. Rita is a sweetheart who has a small deformity on her lower jaw, but this has been cleared by our veterinarians as an old wound, and it does not impede her in any way. She did wonderful with the veterinarian at her checkup and is always very calm and well-mannered during routine husbandry. Rita eats frozen/thawed rats and is a fairly gentle eater. We would recommend her for an intermediate reptile keeper; while she is a gentle, easygoing snake, she is a bigger girl and needs someone with previous snake experience.

If you would like more information about boa constrictors, or would like to apply to adopt her, visit Be Wild's website. You can also follow Be Wild on Facebook for behind the scenes pictures and updates!