'Look how great he did!': Man with cerebral palsy excels at workout

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Man with Cerebral palsy proud of his work out (Courtesy of: Special Strong - Health & Fitness for Special Needs)

MCKINNEY, Texas (SBG) — Zach was nervous to do an evaluation with Special Strong, but turns out he was pretty good at it!

According to the staff at Special Strong, Zach has cerebral palsy, and initially, he wasn't so sure of the workout, but after a few "gentle falls" he got back up.

"Zach was nervous about the initial evaluation we do at Special Strong, but look how great he did! He had a few gentle falls, but each time he fell, he would get up with a determined smile and try again," Special Strong wrote on their Facebook page.

Special Strong provides gyms in Texas with adapted fitness workouts for children and adults who have special needs.