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ADORABLE: Endangered François' langur born at Philadelphia Zoo

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Endangered François' langur born at Philadelphia Zoo (Courtesy: Philadelphia Zoo)

PHILADELPHIA (SBG) — A female endangered François' langur recently born at the Philadelphia Zoo is stealing hearts everywhere.

"We're SO EXCITED to introduce the newest member of our Zoo family: a baby François' langur! This little girl was born on December 13 to first time mom and dad Mei Mei and Chester. This is the first birth of this species at the Zoo," zoo staff enthusiastically announced on Facebook.

According to zoo staff, mother François' langur Mei Mei initially took some time to start caring for her baby, which officials say is common for first-time moms, so the baby was taken to an animal hospital for bathing and feeding. The zoo says Mei Mei has since bonded with her baby and is now caring for her.

The baby François' langur was named Quy Bau, which means "precious" in Vietnamese, according to zoo staff.

The species are native to Northern Vietnam and Southern China.