Father of pregnant reality star found dead says cocaine was 'planted' next to her body

E! Reality star 26-year-old Lyric McHenry was found dead on a sidewalk with drugs; she was 20 weeks pregnant. (Photo Date: Dec. 31, 2017. Credit: MGN via Instagram)

The mourning father of a recently deceased reality television star said he believes that a bag of cocaine found near her body was "planted," according to a report from the Daily Mail published Wednesday.

Doug McHenry, the 66-year-old father of Lyric McHenry, 26, called out the man she was last spotted with.

"The least you could have done is call 911," he said. "It would have given my daughter a shot. A chance. So either you were so scared you didn't even think about it, or more than likely, it was so calculated you didn't give a s***. And that's what really rubs me the wrong way."

Lyric, who appeared on the E! network reality series "EJNYC" was discovered lying unconscious on the sidewalk in New York City, specifically on the side of an expressway in the Bronx. She was pregnant at the time, and reports say Lyric was not wearing any pants, perhaps due to a hiked up skirt.

She was out partying the night before in Manhattan for her birthday, including friends like Magic Johnson's son EJ and sister Maya McHenry, according to the Daily Mail.

"If she used at all, more than likely it was infrequent partying," said Doug, referring to cocaine. "I don't know, but it had never been an issue with her. I didn't see any of the signs, and I was in regular contact with her."

He blames the "mystery man" that friends last saw her with, as they departed the Dream Hotel. The New York Police Department (NYPD) has listed him as a person of interest, and released surveillance video showing the two leaving.

"I'm no Liam Neeson, I'm not coming that way," Doug told DailyMailTV. "But I have the utmost faith in the NYPD, and I know they will not rest until we get to the bottom of this story."

Friends of Lyric's told the Daily Mail that she had started getting closer with a man from the Bronx, who they suspected was a drug deal.

"I don't know if he was her regular dealer or what the deal is. Because nobody knows much about him other than the fact she had slept with him a few times," the unidentified friend reportedly explained. Lyric had reportedly kept the apparent relationship hush, and only her roommate had the chance to meet him. "Unfortunately, she used regularly. And recently a lot of people have been dying from coke mixed with I don't know what," said the friend.

Medical examinations ruled that she was likely not raped. The only injuries found were bruises on her knees.

"I called her and she wasn't answering, the phone was dead, so I wasn't able to speak with her. We were all texting her saying 'Where are you? What's going on?'" said Maya. "We guessed that maybe she was spending the night at a friend's because she never came home We actually said a prayer for her that night, asking God to make sure to keep her safe, because we were worried."

A man listed in Lyric's phone contacts as "Dave" was the last to call her before her body was found, and he often went to the Dream Hotel nightclub, Lyric's friend told the Daily Mail. He allegedly hasn't returned to the cocktail lounge since the tragic incident, and police are trying to track him down for further information he may have.

"People are calling and saying 'I'm sorry, I heard about your daughter.' There's ceremonies, there's s*** to get through," Doug said, according to the Daily Mail. "But that ceases, the world goes on. And you're still left with this grief, because it will never go away."

Lyric was laid to rest Sept. 6 at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills.